Martina And Oliver


The process created the video final assignment from Ms Darsi, made Lalu and I met martina and oliver. Lalu is My Friend.  A little flashback story before we were met is when Lalu and I looking for foreign tourism at taman sari.

Lalu and I entered the Taman Sari/ Water castle that was not far from gate way. We were found a couple of foreign visitor and we had interview them. However, when we were asking about the interview, they were refuse us. For firstly i thought we were failed but its fine, we’ll always keep the spirit. We were moving, looking for another foreign visitor but when sunset came we were not found any foreign visitor.

Lalu and I were decide to looking for at another place. Therefore before we had leaving the Water castle,there was parking man that open conversation about foreign visitor and then we were interesting about what is his talking about. We were staying for a long time and forgot the time. His name is Sosor. He is very well when speaking.

First he talked about how to approaching foreign people. He teached us that don’t be shy starting the conversation with foreign visitor. Many think that him giving about trick aproaching foreign visitor. In my mind he is really good man. He was born on Jakarta but he said just born. However he is native yogyakarta citizenly. The last, before we had leaving him,he gave the information about the place that many foreign visitor stay. He made a map in piece of paper and gave it to us. The map that he gave was very specifically map so,that was easier for us to found the location. After we arrived the location there is many people there include foreign people. He didnt lie to us. He said if you want to approacing foreign people don’t be shy.

We remembered when  he said if you want to easier approaching foreign visitor, you entered the cafe and bought something like a cup of tea. Enjoy and looking for foreign visitor who while enjoy. Don’t ever disturbed when they was eating. I don’t know about Lalu felt but for my , I was a little bit nerves because this is my first time spoke with foreign visitors. Now we were ready , we did all of his suggest.

First we were looking for the target and then tried to open the conversation. Lalu was opening the conversation. He asked and foreign tourism approve. Owh thanks God we were lucky tonight. Lalu continued the conversation while i am preparing the tools such as camera, triopod and laptop. Lalu was sit near of the woman and I sat near of man. Lalu and I were introducing our name and them also introducing their name. They was Oliver for the man and Martina for the woman. We asked for interview but we used the camera and them allowed it. I felt better now. I was preparing  the camera  and after ready,we were ready to asked some question. I was the first questioner and i would ask Oliver. However before i asked he said i am not good actor. Owwh he is very funny.

I asked about five or six question and then lalu continued my question. Actually i felt shy when i going to asking but i forgeting it. Every question that i asked  always answered with seriously and ever once in a while he was joking. After i finnished question now lalu turn to continued the question. Lalu was did’t finnishing qustion on recording because camera memory was full but acually he had long conversation with Martina. We stoped the recording and then continue the conversation. Many thing who oliver and martina were telling to us. Oliver had telling about his country,job,etc.

First he had telling about his country , his nationality is germany. Many thing of all germany that he told to us. He was also telling me about his job. He is working for goverment. Wow, i met important person. He is working at enginering sector that handle about oil that will polluted the water. If the water polluted by oil, the citizen will consumpt bad water and make them sick and this is very dangereous. I think this is great job. He was show me the picture , the picture is him living house. However actually that is not house but apartement. It is very nice apartement. He telled me about the price the apartament that about Rp in rupiahs i dont know well about how much in euro. I think that is very expensive for a small apartament. However he said that is not expensive, he used credits system to paid that per month. So, that was not very expensive. He said every month he didn’t had full sallary but he was only had half of him sallary. Half of his sallary is using for pay society tax,healty tax and cops tax. He is not objection with goverment about tax because if he have a problem about healty, he only pay for minimum or cheap.

We started conversation from 8 PM until 11 PM, that was very long time i thing. Lalu and I were saying  goodbay to Martina and Oliver because we had finnishing our assignment.

I prepared camera,tripod,laptop and then got came back to the home. On the way we were talking much about Oliver and Martina. I very happy because this is first time I had long time conversation with foreign visitor. I love them so much. When we were arrived to boarding house, we will be talking about them again and again till we were slept. On morning when i woke up, i remind if last night i had dream about them. It was really amazing activity that ever i did in my life and i would do that again if i have much time. it  moment was very interesting and never forgotten experience.


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