IMG_2826Last Holiday, My Friends and I went to burung island that located at Tanjung Binga,Belitung. The beach is so far from our house that about 30 minutes we reached used motorcycle. First we went to inkky’s house that near to the beach and then we are using boat to cross the island.

This is not my first time visited burung island but this place really awesome. We were looking for spot that shady because burung island is hotter. Next we spent our time swiming, take a picture, explore the island. The boys looking for wood while girls were preparing launch. We had grilled fish for our launch. At the day we are just take a rest in the cottage because outside is really hotter. We are sharing about our activity and experience when we are school. In the afternoon when weather is not hotter anymore. We spent our time enjoyed the panorama. Take many picture and have fun. It was very awesome when the sunset is coming.

On the way when we are across the sea, many thing of the experience when on island we shared. However, many of friends that only silence. We are tired and needed time to rest. On the night we prepared and came back home. There are my friends that go home but not at all, there are that continued an activity.

We went to downtown of Tanjungpandan, it’s very awesome place when night. On there we were enjoyed the atmosphere, take some picture. It was really amazing holiday and I wanna to do that again.


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